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We can and know how to work with wood!

For the last years the brand of PE "Continent" became valuable and recognizable trademark, won the respect and became the business card of the company, which works clearly, efficiently and respectfully to the requests of any client.

We are pleased to offer you a partnership with our company!!!

The main tendency of our company is selling timber!

We have been carrying on this business for over 20 years during which we have constantly improved the quality of our products. Thanks to this, you can buy the best products (board, squared log, plank lined) for reasonable prices.


  • Півбрус
  • Edged board Edged board is the popular constructional timber. It has good thermo-insulation and resistance to deformation.
  • Unedged board Unedged board has unsawed or partially sawed edges.
  • Squared log Squared log is the timber the thickness and width of each is 100 mm or more. It is made of logs.
  • Plank lined Plank lined is sawn timber made from boards or squared logs, cut and selected depending on thickness, width and length.

We pay attention to each client and build long-lasting partnership based on faith and confidence. We work in a team, where each employee is a top professional. That is why we have clients all over Europe, who have already become our friends.